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XCar Experimental Racing by Bethesda Sortworks

Extreme Machines! Surpassing the limits of traditional auto racing, XCar is unlimited class racing. Bound only by the laws of physics, your XCar prototype is the pinnacle of speed.

XCar challenges all racing enthusiasts, and delivers a state of the art adrenaline rush! Are you up to the challenge?

Race any one of 16 prototype XCars. The latest experimental racing vehicles!

Test drive your prototype and customize every aspect of your car's performance using cutting-edge racing technology.

Experience brilliant high res graphics at sustained frame rates. XCare is the most beautiful and fastest racing game on the market!

Includes a library of real racing circuits and concept tracks. You can race Lime Rock, the streets of Seattle or around Mayan temples.

Generate real telemetry data on the high speed oval, skid pad or handling track to customize your car for optimum performance.

The first true hard core racing simulation with an Action Mode for those who just want to experience the pure fun of racing FAST!

"Outstanding! ...XCAR should rush past the current polesitters and take the checkered flag." - Computer Gaming World

Superb graphics and realism. ...pure relief for the terminally gridlocked." - Strategy Plus

"Not only does XCar use Bethesda's impressive 3D Xngine to deliver stunning graphics, but there are also more options, tracks, and tweakable features than most racing games could ever hope to deliver." - PC Games

"XCar redlines the racing sim...Destined to become a classic." - Sim Racing News.

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Minimum System Requirements:

Dos 5.0 or greater

Windows 95 Compatibilty - Compatibly in MS Dos Mode with 16 bit CD Rom, compatibly in MS Dos box with sufficient free ram.

Pentium 60 Mhz or greater

16MB ram

Joystick or steering wheel recommended

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