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Big Thinkers! 1st Grade by Humongous Entertainment

Humongous Entertainment persents Big Thinkers!, the first educational products with personality- well, actually, two personalities. Ben and Becky Brightly, the superstar tiwns of learning and laughter, guarantee fun as they create ways for your child to master the lessons essential to success in first grade. The tumbling, twisting twins don't just host the curriculum-based activities, they are the activities as Ben and Becky flex and form into animals, airplanes, globes and other amazing shapes to help your children collect SmartStars, fill their BrainBanks, and demonstrate that your kids can do amazing things when they think big.

Your kids just may be ready for the circuit in Light Bulb Math.

Everyone wins when they play First, Middle, or Last, the fun phonices game show.

Even Ben and Becky's garage is full of fun things to do!

Additiona and subraction are the games as kids buy Ben's Bargains.

Rewards are in store once kids have collected enough SmartStars to take on the SuperStar of Smarts Challenge.

All the animals get in the act when Ben and Becky become the Barnyard Band.

SmartCharts allow you to track each child's progress.

Kids alsways feel successful as all of their efforts are rewarded with SmartStars

The pantry's the place as kids arrange the jars in Shelf Shuffle.

Ben plunges into the art world as your children create their own Murals.

Kids help pickup the pieces of the customizable jigsaw puzzles.

16 fun activities to help your first grader learn amazing things.

Think 'n' Go ensures that your child's favorite activities are never more than a couple of clicks away.

Kids can use the simple interface to print out their favorite screens and activities.

Adjustable difficulty levels allow many activities to grow with your child.

Big Thinkers 1st Grade is the perfect learning supplement to your child's classroom experience. Ben and Becky Brightly's contagious wonder and ability to transform themselves into a variety of shapes and forms engage kids in a fun world of learning and discovery unlike any they have experienced before.

Your little learners always feel successful as they collect oodles of Smartstars. All of their efforts and successes are rewarded on their way to the Superstar of Smarts Challenge. Your children are in control as they laugh along while the Brightly twins bend and stretch to provide activities that help kids learn all the skills necessary for success in first grade.

The Brightly twins provide 16 fun new activities to help your first grader learn:


Addiction& Subtraction


Nouns and Verbs


Time telling



Environmental Science

Geography & Directions

Life & Physical Sciences

Thinking Skills

Spatial perception

Art creativity

Music creativity

Windows and Mac version come together in the same box.

This is a great educational game in the Brigadier's opinion. His kids love it.

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Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 3.1 or higher

486/33 or higher

8MB Ram

SVGA 640X480@256 Colors

2x CD-Rom Drive

Windows compatible soundcard

Mouse, Hard drive



68040 25 Mhz or PowerPC processor

2x CD-Rom Drive

8MB ram available

256 color graphics capability

13" or larger monitor

System 7.0 or higher

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Big Thinkers! 1st Grade

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