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I Can Be An Animal Doctor

For kids who love animals! Explore the amazing world of animals, learn about pet care, endangered animals and what it takes to become a veterinarian. I Can Be An Animal Doctor provides hours of discovery while learning math, science and cognitive reasoning skills.

Veterinary Hospital

X-ray Machine - Use the X-ray to check the animal's bones and skeleton

Glossary - Use the Glossary to look up over 40 words and terms

Temperature Probe - Us the Temperature Probe to take the animal's temperature

Microscope - View fluid samples under the Microscope

Diagnostic Chart - The Diagnostic Chart will keep a running log of your results as you use the examination tools

Treatment Tray - The Treatment Tray provides possible cures for the sick animal

Weight Scale - Use the Weight Scale to check the animal's weight

Magnifying Glass - Use the Magnifying Glass to look at the animal's skin and coat

Pet Care - learn about proper care of domesticated animals in Pet Care

Ordering Life Cycles

"Sort" stages of animal's lives from infancy to adulthood. This game teaches about animal growth and development

Weigh Cool

Balance the weight of over 15 different animals from the Savanna Region. Put your addition and subtraction skills to the test.

Animal Crackers

Test your understanding of animal facts. Answer questions dealing with animal behaviors, characteristics and environment.

Animal Artistry

Paint forest creatures, using animal inspired effects, backgrounds, and paint palettes. Learn more about that animal's physiology.

Desert Treasures

Explore the Desert Region and uncover over 15 different animals hidden in their environment. Learn detailed information about each animal.


Over 80 hours of game play!

Each scene comes alive with animals roaming across the screen to interact with.

Go to the field hospital to examine and cure sick animals.

Over 24 animals in their natural habitats - the forest, farm, desert and savanna.

Play cool activities to test learning skills in science, language, math and more.

Play activities with friends on-line through the Internet.

Receive a personalized, printable certificate and have the opportunity to graduate up through the ranks to Animal Care Expert!

A must for any child interested in being a veterinarian. A Brigadier Best Seller! Windows and Mac version come in the same box.

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Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 95 3.1/3.11

486dx266 or higher

8MB Ram for Windows 95

10MB of hard disk space

SVGA 640X480@256 Colors

2x CD-Rom Drive

MPC compatible soundcard

Mouse, Hard drive



68040 40 Mhz or PowerPC processor

2x CD-Rom Drive

8MB ram available

10MB available on hard drive

256 color graphics capability

System 7.1 or higher

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Animal Doctor

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