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Do you or your band have a CD that you want to sell? will sell it for you and it won't cost you a thing. already has 10s of thousands of visitors, don't you want them listening to your CD? Let us put your CD up on our website and that's what you'll get.

This is an easy process and for a limited amount of time it is FREE. There are 3 stages - Fill out a form describing your music. Send us your CDs. Start checking your mailbox for checks.

You set the amount of money you want to receive for your CD. We add $4 and that is the selling price. For those $4 per CD sold we set-up a web page for you with a description of your band, a picture or two, a sampling of a couple songs from your CD, handle the financial transaction, mail out the CD to the customer and send you monthly checks for CDs sold.

We need 6 CDs. One we use internally to create the song samples and review. The other 5 are for sale. We listen to every CD and we review every CD. This helps us when asked for a recommendation.

So let's get started. Click here!==>I want to sell my Cd!


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