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Field and Stream Trophy Buck

This is the most realistic, advanced, full-featured hunting simulation you'll find for the PC. From the same people who brought you Trophy Bass and Trophy Rivers, Field & Stream Trophy Buck features detailed, 3-D environments from which you hunt in first person perspective. Choose from eight accurately modeled, world-class hunting areas.

And thanks to complete artificial intelligence for every deer you encounter, factors like scents, sounds, habitat, time of day, and hunter activitiy guarantee that each on-screen deer acts just like its real-world counterpart.

So whether you're in the mood for a quick hunt, single player tournament or multiplayer LAN or Internet hunt, Field & Stream Trophy Buck is as close to the real thing as you can get.

Key features:

Complete artificicial intelligence for every deer factors scents, food sources, habitats, trails, weather, time of day, other deer and hunter activity.

3-Dimensional, detailed environment allows you to move with complete freedom.

Alternate betweeen a command view screen and a full screen hunting view.

Everything is viewed from the first-person perspective whether you stalk or "still" hunt.

Eight world-class hunting areas include The Rocky Mountains, The Northease, The Pacific Norhtwest, The Southeast, The Upper Midwest and Texas.

True-to-life characteristics for both Whitetail and Mule Deer.

Select your firarm- muzzleloader, shotgun, bow, rigle-and ammo including caliber, velocity, wind and distance into each shot you make.

Hone your shooting skills on a shooting range complete with customizable environmental conditions.

An in-depth how-to section and pro-tips give you pointers that are valid on-screen and in the field.

Your virtual pickup truck is stocked with tons of gear, including scents, calls, rattling antlers and binoculars.

Dynamic ro user-definable weather conditions such as temperature, wind, precipitation, and ground cover.

Fully supports 3Dfx accelerator cards. Varying expedition lengths allow for quick hunts, and multi-day single player tournaments.

Multiplayer tournaments and hunts over a LAN or the Internet.

If you're short on time, head out on a quick hunt. Or custom design a trip or tournament that you can pause and save for later.

If a breeze shifts and reveals your scent, or if you brush up to close to a tree, the deer will bolt. So watch the wind and watch where you step.

Test your bragging rights by comparing your skill with other players in internet or network tournament play.

Points are totaled using the official Boone and Crockett rating system - if yours is high enough, you might land a spot in the Field & Stream Trophy Buck Hall of Fame.

3D detailed environment allows you to move with complete freedom. Eight world class hunting areas. True to life characteristics for both whitetail and Mule Deer. Select your firearm - muzzleloader, shotgun, bow rifle-and ammo including caliber and bullet weight.

So realistic you might get up at 4 am to play!

You've been painstakingly hunting along a bedding trail. It's starting to get dark and your legs ache. You're sweating. Should you stop to rest and risk letting your scent pool? or do you press on, hoping to prevent detection?

The hoofprints you've been following are big and set widely apart. You know there's a mature buck somewhere in front of you. You keep advancing.

Suddenly you hear a rustle 20 yards ahead. You freeze, eyes straining to make out shapes. Is that the straight line of a derr's back or just a tree limb? Suddenly that "limb" begins to move.

You raise your rifle and prepare to take that shot. Field & Stream Trophy Buck simulates every aspect of the sport, to bring you the true emotional impact of hunting.

Click "how to" for tips from the pros on becoming a better hunter - both at the keyboard and in the field.

Immerse yourself in the 3D environment with a full screen hunting view.

As you move through the detailed, 3D terrain with complete freedom of movement, individual artificial intelligence for each deer factors your activity as well as scents, sounds, food sources, habitat, trails and weather.

Finding the deer is only part of the challenge. Then firearm characteristics and environmental conditions come into play; the effectiveness of you shot is determined with real world accuracy.

The Brigadier tried this one and liked it!

Teen (13+) . Animated Blood and Violence.

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Minimum System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 95/98


32MB Ram

200MB hard drive spce

SVGA 640X480@16bit Color

2MB video memory

6x CD-Rom Drive

Win-compatible soundcard

Mouse, Hard drive

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