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Three full-version gripping and exciting simulations - Earthsiege 2, Red Baron and Silent Thunder.

Earthsiege 2

Cybrid HERCs created by man to do men's bidding, turned on their creators and initiated a 20-year guerrilla battle for control of the earth and its distant colonies. Now they've assembled in massive numbers, preparing for a final assault on earth. For them it is victory or death, and death has little meaning to a machine.

Scientists and engineers are working around the clock developing new defensive HERCs, your powerful new warriors. The future of human existence rests squarely on your shoulders and the metal shoulders of your fighting HERCS.

It's blood and bone against silicon and steel. Trued 3-D terrain and stunning sound effects let you hear and feel the HERCs as they strain to cross rolling hills, canyons and craters.

Over 50 missions. All with riveting robotic combat, gripping action, spectacular graphics and "burn your eyebrows" pyrotechnics.

Customize 9 new ground HERCs and an awesome new air fighter, THE RAZOR, plus a dozen auxiliary aircraft and vehicles.

Red Baron

It's 1914, the dawn of the first war fought in the skies. With aviation still in its infancy, young pilots are inventing the skills and strategies that will keep them alive and allow them to perfect and artform all their own.

Now, you can join them as Red Baron takes you back to World War 1, where you will encounter the look and feel of close-range dogfights. Go balloon busting to take out the aerial eyes of the enemy. The Zeppelins, escort bombers deep into enemy territory or go undercover in nighttime missions. And you can go head to head in combat with such famous aces as the Red Baron himself.

Best Selling WWI Flight Simulation of all time. Fly any of 33 different aircraft, each with accurate flight characteristics.

Dogfight enemy pilots, take on Zeppelins and escort bombers deep into enemy territory.

Fly either side of the war as a British pilot in the Royal Flying Corps or a German Pilot in the German Air Service.

On-line Windows manual with aircraft technical specifications, historical background, pilot profiles an aerial tactics.

Silent Thunder

Swoop down like "Silent Thunder" in the most indestructible close-attack plane ever built. The A-10 Thunderbolt II. In this sequel to the highly successful A-10 Tank Killer, you'll dive into 3 fast-paced campaigns with 24 action packed missions. Give some local warlords a run for their money as you blast the hell out of anything and anyone, that isn't on YOUR side. Use the A-10's powerful weapons and ground hugging attack style in rugged air-to-ground combat. It's all in the name of international peace, and the world is counting on you.

Ultra-realistic worlds with incredible texture-mapped terrain and highly-detailed 3-D objects using exclusive Dynamix terrain and 3Space technologies.

24 separate but continuous missions set in the Persian Gulf, Columbia and Korea.

Ten different types of aircraft featured and 14 weapons including the deadly GAU-8A "Avenger" gun.

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Minimum Requirements:


4X CD-Rom

SVGA card (640x480 256 colors)

Windows 95

12MB Ram

16 bit Sound Card



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