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Semper Fi - The Tradition Continues

A rebel uprising in South America has taken control of an American embassy. Hostages number 20, and the rebels are heavily armed and extremely motivated. Fortunately, so are you. You are the United States Marine Corps.

In Semper Fi, you are a Marine Battalion commander leading an elite fighting force - locating, closing with, and destroying the enemy. Just like the Marines, you'll have to be prepared for any mission, whether it's hostage rescue, humanitarian assistance, or all out war.

To aid you in your task, you'll have command of a vast array of infantry and armored vehicles, with forces ranging in size from a single company to a complete battalion. An for the ultimate in combat, you can engage your friends via head-to-head modem, network, or internet play.

See if you can live up to the challenge, the tradition, the spirit, of the United States Marine Corps. See if you are truly Semper Fi.


3 campaigns and 15 stand-alone scenarios

Full-featured scenario builder and map editor for unlimited gameplay

A huge variety of unit types including infantry, armor, amphibious assault vehicles, helicopters, and recon

Realistic modeling of command and control, as well as morale effects on all troops

Online database of equipment and units

Multiplayer options including head-to-head modem, network, and internet play (for two players)

"A fine 'thinking man's' computer simulation of contemporary ground-tactical combat. Semper Fi shows war as more than just a contest of men and weapons - it is also a contest of leadership." - Major Eric Walters, USMC

RSAC Advisory - Violence. Humans killed.

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Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 95

Pentium 90 or faster

16MB Ram

30MB of hard disk space

SVGA 256 colors at 800x600

4x CD-Rom Drive


Mouse, Hard drive

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