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Sierra Pro Pilot

The Height of Flight Technology! From your first tutorial session, to the first time you solo over your home town, it's clear that Sierra Pro Pilot is the technically accurate, challenging and authentically true-to-life flight simulatior available for the PC.

The comprehensive on-line help and tutorial videos are based on FAA guidelines. The cockpit panels look and act like the real thing. You'll interact with the tower and your instructor just as you would in real life. So to fly like a pro - fly with Sierra Pro Pilot.

100's of Cities - Including 20 photorealistic metropolitan cities each with more the 60 square miles of detail. Albuquerque, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneaopolis, Montreal, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphi, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, Toronto, Washington D.C. Plus visit 100's more.

Reference Materials - Features on-line cross country charts - plus an extensive printed manual with flight physics, navigation techniques and details operating instructions.

Superior Terrain - Accurately modeled geographic landmarks, mountains, cities, and rivers are composed from 27 million elevation points for unsurpassed realism.

Exception Authenticity - Fly over state after state, encountering realistic situations wherever you go. Day and night conditions require VFR and IFR skills.

Advanced Instruction - After mastering your Private Pilot skills, move on to the advanced challenges of instrument, Multi-Engine and Commercial flight.

Every flight instrument and readout is authentically functional.

Mile for mile, the most breathtakingly realistic terrain available.

Air Traffice Control lets you and other planes converse with the tower.

Visit thousands of North American cities and locations.

Pro Positioning - Included as a standard feature, Global Positioning System (GPS) pinpoints your location with the most life-like precision. Plus, the added cours plotter, for accurate tracking and wind correction helps keep your courrse true when piloting manually.

Pro Destinations - Over 3,000 U.S. airports are included in Pro Pilot - each recreated in unparalleled detail - from runway length to surrounding geography.

Pro Instrumentation - Every flight contral and instrument is fully functional and has been meiculouslyl reproduced with an emphasis on operational accuracy.

Pro Instruction - Pro Pilot gives you assignments and tutorials based on actual FAA guidelines. A complete professional program, with more than 30 full motion videos covering basic and advanced fligh maneuvers, taking you all the way through private, instrument and commercial preparation.

Pro Terrain - Only Pro Pilot gives you the most intricately detailed terrain of the continental United States, Toronto and Montreal using 27,000,000 points of elevation.

Pro Power - Mater twin engine flight just as you would in real life. Pro Pilot's advanced aerodynamic flight models recreate multi-engine flight with acuracy unmatched by the competition.

Pro Navaids - Pro Pilot includes every Navigational Aid (NAVAID) in the national Airspace System - including all VORs, ILSs, NDBs, and Fixes. Plus, every major river, mountain, forest, city and lake are included for true VFR navigation.

Pro Realism - Voices from the Air Traffic Control tower, other pilots in the flight pattern, and even your virtual copilot supply you with vital information plus the greatest sense of realism.

"Pro Pilot is a must for anyone interested in learning to fly." -Denny Atkin, Computer Gaming World



Note: This entertainment product is not to be used for or in lieu of flight training school.

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Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 95

Pentium 90

16MB Ram

30MB hard drive space

SVGA 640X480@256 Colors

2x CD-Rom Drive

soundcard w/DAC

Mouse, Hard drive

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