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3D Ultra Nascar Pinball

Full throttle bumper to bumper action. Pull back the plunger, put the pedal to the metal and race door-to-door to the checkered flag against some of NASCAR's all-time greats. 3D Ultra NASCAR Pinball turns your PC into a rubber-burning, gear-grinding, 8,000, rpm pinball machine. The only pinball game licensed by NASCAR

Drive into turn one and stay in the groove. Head to the backfield for some extra action and a chance to pass. Take the lead with insane extra-point opportunities in mini-games of Chase the Flag, Collect the Oildrums, Redline, and Super Ramp. Revel in a multi-ball point scoring frenzy. Rack up the points and celebrate in the Winner's Circle.


Play as Dale Earnhardt, Bill Elliott, Terry Labonte or Bobby Labonte.

Specialized Garage, Speedway and Pitstop tables for each driver

3D ultra Pinball quality: extra-wide tables, no scrolling, dynamic ball physics

Stunning 3D graphic animations - including motion-capture pit crews

Up to 4 players on one computer for hot-seat pinball racing

The Garage

The garage is where your race begins. Make sure the shocks and suspension are tweaked just right, your transmission is tuned and your tires are perfect. You've got just one chance to get your race car into peak running condition. Then it's onto the the track

The Speedway

Everyone thinks they can be a stock car driver, so let's see what you've got. Strap on your harness, run the turns, rack up the points and take the lead in an action-packed race of speed and skill.

The Pit

Remember strategy is the name of the game. Along the way you'll need to stop in the pits. Do you make your pit stop now or take your chances and wait for the yellow flag? The right decision can make the difference between winning and losing.

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Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 95/98

Pentium 90

16MB Ram

50 MB of hard drive space (plus 50MB of free swap space)

SVGA 800x600@256 Colors

4x CD-Rom Drive

Win95 compatible soundcard

Mouse, Hard drive

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