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Muppet Reading Software Activity Kit

Award winning Brighter Child Muppet Reading Software will teach your child to read the fun way. Each of the 6 subjects feauture educational games that were designed by trained educators to teach and reinforce skills as they entertain. All games are animated, colorful and offer talking instructions so the child can work with a parent or alone.


Letters: Capitals & Small starts your child on the path to reading using learning games that teach identifying letters, the order of the alphabet and more.

Beginning sounds: Phonics uses phonics-based learning games to teach letter sounds.

Sound Patterns: Phonics keeps your child on the path to reading using games that teach the sound of letter combinations, short vowel sounds and more.

Same and Different uses visual skills that create a recognition of pictures, letters and words.

Thinking Skills teaches and develops logic skills such as grouping, deduction and more.

Sorting and Ordering uses learning games that develop skills such as grouping, opposites and more.

Comes in a red plastic lunchbox type container. Includes exclusive Muppet sticker set for customizing your activity kit.

The Brigadier's young son tried this one and liked it

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Minimum System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 3.1 or higher

4MB Ram

256 Color Display

CD-Rom Drive

Windows compatible soundcard

Mouse, Hard drive



CD-Rom Drive

4MB ram available

256 color graphics capability

13" or larger monitor

System 6.0 or higher

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