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Sierra's Head Rush

New! From the makers of the award-winning "You Don't Know Jack" series comes HeadRush: a wild game show roller coaster crammed with cool animation, hi-octane music and hilarious wisecracks from your hambone host.

Compete head-to-head with your friends in a jet-paced trivia whirlwind where you can "Bite Your Neighbor" to force 'em to answer (but don't forget to floss)! So,crank up the volume, gronk up your gigasnips and prepare yourselves for the freakiest game in town. It's trivia-licious.

Includes hundreds and hundreds of questions that stay crunchy...even in MILK!

1, 2 or 3 players duke it out on 1 keyboard.

Rack up high scores and uncover top secret surprises with continuous gameplay.

Enjoy twisted cartoons, players icons and commercials from our HeadRush sponsors.

Lightning-fast gameplay will set your keyboard on fire!

Warning This product contains immature content, loud body noises, a smattering of mildly saucy language and references to music, TV shows and movies that will definitely not be suitable for most geezers. Besides, they won't get it anyway.

The Brigadier got a kick out this one!

Windows and Mac version come together in the same box.

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Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 95/98

486/66 or higher

16MB Ram

30MB free hard disk space

SVGA 640X480@256 Colors

2x CD-Rom Drive

Win-compatible soundcard

Mouse, Hard drive



68040 40 Mhz or PowerPC processor

2x CD-Rom Drive

16MB ram available

30MB free hard disk space


15MB available on hard drive

640x480 @ 256 colors

13" or larger monitor

System 7.1 or higher

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