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Family Home Pack 5 CD Collection

You get Micro Cookbook, Home Medical Advisor, Family Pharmacist, Family Ties and Will Maker 5.0!

Micro Cookbook organizes your recipes, plan menus, and create shopping lists in minutes with Micro Cookbook. Create healthy, nutritional meals using over 1000 recipes included or add your own favorites. Step-by-Step instructions make preparing the most extensive meals easy even for the novice. Print entire cookbooks, recipes, menus and even shopping lists sorted by store section.

Dr. Schueler's Home Medical Advisory. Diagnose problems and decide whether or not a trip to the doctor is necessary. User-friendly, interactive format asks a series of questions, just like your doctor would. It analyzes symptoms, helping you decide if a doctor's visit is necessary. Color coded cross references link symptoms, diseases, injuries, drugs an poisons for comprehensive information.

Mayo Clinic Family Pharmacist. Using 68 videos and animations in addition to 1600 photos of medications, Mayo Clinic Family Pharmacist guides you through descriptions and interactions for more the 7600 prescriptions and over the counter medications. Record, save and print personal medical profiles for your entire family. Q&A segments help you select non-prescription medicines tailored for your needs.

Family Ties. Simply enter names and places of birth to automatically create ancestor and descendant trees. Included resource guide helps you get started with tips on acquiring information from other family members. Add extensive notes, record fascinating stories or details for a complete profile. Customize printouts make a perfect gift for family and friends.

WillMaker. More than 70% of adult Americans do not have a will. With Willmaker 5.0 you can create a will, Living Will, and name guardians and executors. Easy to update with on-line legal help that answers questions in clear concise plain English. Guarantee your family's peace of mind.


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Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 3.1 or higher

386 or higher

8MB ram


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