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The Entertainer - 5 Entertaining Titles in one box

Road and Track - Grand Prix Unlimited. Explosive speed. Zero limitations. Strap yourself into the cockpit of five insanely fast Formual One cars. Race on an infinite number of courses that you can easily create. Then model an entire circuit after the greatest Grand Prix courses of the Eighties and Nineties. Even design the tracks of the future. It's total creativity, authenticity and excitement.

Links - The Challenge of Golf. It's a beautiful spring day as you prepare to tee off. You gaze down the fairway and notice every detail of your surroundings...the contour of each hill and slope...the lie of the ball. A day at your favorite course? Not quite, but it's the next best thing. It's a totatly realistic golf simulator for your PC that is a quantum leap ahead of any computer golf game that you've ever seen.

King Quest VI - Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow. King's Quest VI, Roberta William's boldest undertaking yet, will thrill you with its timeless tale and leading edge technology. Discover the largest, most puzzling and exciting chapter in the best selling King's Quest series. You'll need all your wits and imagination to overcome the gauntlet of baffling puzzles and fantastic creatures that attempt to keep you from you goal.

Trump Castle 3 - offers more games, features and realistic gambling action than ever before. From the cards on the gambling tables to the coins spewing from the slot machines - crisp, realistic graphics and sound carefully capture every detail. Deal your friends in on the fun. Play your favorite casino games. Modem and network support add to the action for a few quick hands - anytime and anywhere.

Dark Sun - Shattered Lands. The Dark Sun world of Athas is arid and bleak,a wasteland with a handful of cities ruled by thousand-year-old sorcerer kings. Your party begins as slaves in the city of Draj, destined to die as gladiators in the Arena. You must find a way to escape into the hostile wilderness, join ranks with other excaped slaves and create a rebel force powerful enough to destroy the evil sorcerer-king's army.


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Minimum System Requirements:


386 or faster

4MB Ram

SVGA 256 colors at 640x480

2x CD-Rom Drive

SoundBlaster or compatible

Mouse, Hard drive

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