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Deer Hunter II

Are you hunter enough for the sequel to the #1 selling PC hunting game? The hunt continues...get ready to lock your sights on the buck of a lifetime with Deer Hunter II, the sequel to the original bestseller, Deer Hunter. The hunt has never felt as real as it does in this stunning 3D environment rich with trees, rocks, valleys, incredible weather effects and ambient sounds.

Prepare yourself for the most realistic and challenging hunting experience ever. Powerful new weapons and hunting accessories help you track your quarry in one of the 12 new hunting locations.

Feel the fever of the hunt year 'round with Deer Hunter II. Individual hunter profiles, gun settings, statistics and trophy rooms. Choose to hunt bucks and does in pre-rut, rut and post-rut. Hunting locations based on actual U.S. terrain data. Realistic deer signs including droppings, tracks and scrapes. Convenient GPS unit plots your hunting trail.

The ultimate collection of real-life hunting weapons and tools for the most realistic hunt yet!

9 Realistic Weapons:

Semiautomatic Shotgun

Pump Shotgun

Bolt Action Rifle with Scope

Lever Action Rifle


Compound Bow

Crossbow with Scope

Muzzle Loader

.44-Mag Revolver with Scope

13 Tools of the Trade:

Zoomable Binoculars

Cover Scent

2 Attractant Scents

Deer Decoy

GPS Unit

Scrape Digger

Grunt Call

Doe Bleat Call

Rutting Grunt Call

Super Quiet Fleece Jacket

Tree Stand

Rattling Antlers

12 New Hunting Locations:

Four scenic locations, each with three unique settings!

Pennsylvania Barren Winter Fields

Michigan Colorful Autumn

Washington Mountain Snow Pines and Firs

Georgia Rolling Woodlands

Bonus! Target Range

By Wizard Works

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Minimum Requirements:

Pentium 200

32MB ram

150MB available hard disk space

PCI Video

DirectX compatible 3D hardware accelerator

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