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Edward Grabowski's The Blue and The Gray

Recreate the honor and glory of the Civil War. From Bull Run to Gettysburg, the troops are under your command. As leader of the Federal or Confederate army, you have only four years to defeat the opposition by capturing cities and winning military conflicts. Move your divisions across a map of America at the Campaign level. When the two forces meet, you'll battle hand-to-hand in a Micro Miniatures battle.

Using historical records to determine recruitment of forces and availability of weapons, the two sides have approximately the same assets as they did in the real war. But this time, only you can determine the applying our own knowledge, strategy, and luck. The future of America is in your hands.

On maps of 1862-1866 America, you'll plan strategies, track victories, and document losses.

Give your orders, command to execute, then scroll to view your forces fighting it out on the battlefield.

Strategically recruit troops and restock supplies. Availability is based on historical records, but you decide how and when to use them.

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Minimum System Requirements:

486/55 or faster

16MB Ram

25MB of free hard disk space


2x CD-Rom Drive


Mouse, Hard drive

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