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Alge-Blaster 3

Do you tremble at the mere mention of word problems? Think graphing is as interesting as rocket science? The Alge-Blaster 3, the original world's best selling algebra program, is for you! Learning algebra has never been easier of more fun. Alge-Blaster 3 will guide you through an intire year's algebra curriculum using an interactive tutorial approach.

Alge-Blaster 3 covers all these subject areas:


Order of Operations




Algebraic Fractions

Radical Expressions

Quadratic Equations


Word Problems


A full year's curriculum clearly organized by subject and level.

An entire section devoted to word problems.

Multimedia adventure includes dazzling graphics, animation, sound effects and music.

Intriguing stor line ties the activities together.

Unique Video Chalkboard graphically presents problems and their solutions.

Ecxiting Red Alert game improves graphing skills.

An interactive turorial approach.

An activity for translating word problems into algebraic expressions and vice versa.

On-scree hints, example problems, and a glossary of algebraic terms.

Record keeping to track your progress.

Alge-Blaster 3 teaches you algebra quickly and easily using an interactive turorial approach. As you help your alien friends defend Planet Quadratica, you'll also learn that algebra can be fun.

In the Decoder, you'll use your algebra skills to translate enemy messages. An unlimited number of problems from both first and second semester algebra are included.

In the Challenger, you'll learn to solve equations with the amazing Video Chalkboard. Four movable windows let you view example, practice and word problems simultaneously.

Red Alert! This exciting arcade style game is guaranteed to sharpen your graphing skills. Vivid graphics and out-of-this-world sound effects make learning algebra a blast!

It's graphic target practice int he Simulator. If you know your points and slopes, you can blast the invaders out of the sky.

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Minimum Requirements:

VGA Graphics

Windows 3.1 or higher

8MB Ram

16Mhz 386 or faster


CD Rom Drive

Hard Drive

Sound Card



LC or higher with minimum 13" monitor

System 7 or higher

4MB Ram

256 color system

CD Rom Drive


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