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Diana Princess of Wales Special Collector's Edition

In celebration of the beauty and grace that defined Diana's brief life, we bring you a special collector's edition commemorative tribute to this extraordinary woman. From her childhood to her fairy tale marriage, role as a loving mother and inspirational humanitarian, and finally to her tragic untimely death, we invite you to share in what has become known as one of the great stories of this century.

Through informative text, exclusive film, hundreds fo photographs and a comprehensive index of illustrations, learn about the life and times of Diana, Princess of Wales, her charity work and her role as a role model for women everywhere.

Family History and Childhood

A detailed interactive family tree traces the history of the Spencers from the fourteenth century to the birth of Diana.


It seemed a fairy tale romance. She was a nursery school teacher, he the future king. Follow Diana's first steps into public life, her engagement, wedding adn honeymoon.


Diana relished motherhood. She considered raising her boys, William and Harry, to be one of her greatest duties, and was determined they should live as normal a life as possible.

Married Life

To the outside world they seemed so happy, but in reality, Charles and Diana had little in common. within five years, their marriage had crumbled.


By 1992, Charles and diana were unable to hide their miser, but neither was willing to take legal action and risk public criticism.

A New Start

Separated, but not divorced from the Prince of Wales, Diana found the early 1990s to be difficult. Gradually she transormed into a new role, a new life and a new style.

Her Death and Funeral

With Doty Fayed, Diana had, at last, seemed to find happiness, but their relationship attracted a blaze of publicity. The Princess died as she had lived, pursued by photographers.

Trevor McDonald, OBE, main presenter of Britain's ITN, guides you through Diana's life and introduces special special sections no her charity work and her role as a fashion leader.

Includes virtual gallery of Diana's famous fashions.

An interactive biography. Exclusive video. Informative text. Rare photographs and illustrations. Includes 1 hour of exclusive video from Britain's ITN.

Windows and Macintosh come together in the same box.

This one is in he bargain bin because the boxes came in slightly marked up. Great value since you'll probably throw the box away and enjoy the program on your computer.

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Minimum Requirements:

486DX/66 Mhz

Windows 95 or later

8MB Ram

Sound blaster or compatible


CD-Rom 2x

VGA Display

10Mb hard disk space



System 7.0 or better


CD-Rom 2x


256 Color 640x480 display

10Mb hard disk space

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