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Creatures 2

by Mindscape Entertainment and Cyberlife Technology

They're back...and they've brought some friends! Introducing Creatures 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the amazing bestseller from Mindscape and Cyberlife Technology. This amazing Artificial Life product lets you create Real Life on your own PC.

Explore the Shee laboratories and discover the all-new Norns inhabiting a vibrant, living ecosystem - find the Genetic Splicer and defend your Norns against the vicious and disease-ridden Grendels.

Albia has been torn apart by a devastating earthquake, which has revealed the secret laboratories of the ancient Shee race. The bad news - a dangerous breed of Grendels is now free to spread disease and cause disaster. The Shee may hold the only hope for the Norns of Albia.

They'll make you laugh, they'll make you cry. The original Creatures, a 1998 Codie Award Finalist, introduced the world to Artificial Life Technology and the Norns of Albia. Now discover the all-new Norns, Ettins and Grendels in the World's First Living Product - Creatures 2.

Play in a new world that's doubled in size. Volcanoes, seasons, and weather systems are in vibrant 16 bit color (65,000 colors)!

They'll make you think. Teach your Creatures - their improved brain function allows them to learn faster and interact with you in more interesting ways.

Breed your favorites and pass on their genes and dominant characteristics to the next generation. You can even crossbreed between species.

Discover many new inhabitants. Plants, butterflies, fish, caterpillars, ants and lemmings are all able to interact with your Creatures.

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Minimum Requirements

Windows 95/98/NT

Pentium 166 or faster

4x CD Rom

16 bit sound card

2MB 16-Bit color SVGA display adapter (800x600 resolution minimum)

16MB Ram (32 recommended)

300 MB of free hard disk space

Both the graphics and sound cards require DirectX compatible drivers.

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